– Ohio State University – 2020 Sex Survey

The 1870 Magazine February 2020 sex survey of 1,217 Ohio State University students (58.8% women, 39.2% men, 1.5% non-binary*, <1% transgender, 79.3% straight, 11.9% bisexual, 5.4% gay/lesbian, 2.3% queer/questioning, 1% other, 19% freshmen, 18.4% sophomores, 21.9% juniors, 28.2% seniors, 12.5% graduate students)

(For more information, see the Topics Abstinence & Celibacy, Birth Control, CondomsDating & SexForeplay, Orgasms, Penis Envy, Penis Size, PornSex Frequency, Sex RobotsSex Toys, Virgins (Adult))

Stats from “The 2020 Sex Survey Results,” 1870mag.com, Feb. 2, 2020.

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* “To be a non-binary person is – essentially – exactly what it sounds like: To identify yourself, and your gender, as existing outside of the binary definitions of man or woman, masculine or feminine,” glaad.org, 7/14/2019. Article on glaad.org titled, “9 young people explain what being non-binary means to them,” by Kylin Camburn, Glaad Campus Ambassador.

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