– Israel – Sex & Quality of Life – Older Adults 65 to 87

Study of 203 Israeli Jews, age range 65-87 (102 men, 101 women, 136 married, 15 cohabitating, 16 divorced, 7 single) published in the online Journal of Aging Science in 2019

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Some Stats from “Older Adults and Sexuality in Israel: Knowledge, Attitudes, Sexual Activity and Quality of Life,” longdom.org, 2019. Even-Zohar A, Werner S (2019) Older Adults and Sexuality in Israel: Knowledge, Attitudes, Sexual Activity and Quality of Life. J Aging Sci 7:209. DOI: 10.35248/2329-8847.19.7.209.

“Data collection and procedure

The research was conducted through an Internet panel. The questionnaires (see below) were sent to 565 people over the age of 65, according to a profile of a survey pool of respondents drawn up by the survey company. Of the 565 people contacted, 262 people began filling out the questionnaires. Fifty-nine people responded partially, and their questionnaires were not taken into account. Each participant filled out the questionnaire after his/her consent was obtained and confirmed. The data were collected from October 2017 to January 2018. The sample included 203 participants with an average age of 69.59 (SD: 4.14). The age range was 65-87; 102 were men and 101 were women [Data for men and women were switched in Table 1: Demographic characteristics of participants (N=203).], most living in their homes (98%). This data is consistent with Central Bureau of Statistics data (2017), whereby which 96% of those aged 65 and over reside in their homes. Most of the study participants were married or living with a spouse. Most of them reported a good or a very good health condition. All the participants were Jews and concerning religiosity-most were secular.”

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