Virtual Reality (VR) Sex

Coined by a computer scientist in 1987, Virtual Reality (VR) refers to technology that creates a virtual computer-generated environment for a user to interact with.1 Current VR technology includes headsets that immerse a user in many simulated experiences including virtual sex, VR Porn and other sex-related topics. 

Augmented Reality (AR) is another technology similar to VR except AR does not replace a user’s vision. Special glasses or smart devices combine real-world images with computer-generated overlays of people or objects.

VR headsets enable a user to watch sexual activity performed on an avatar (a stand-in for their body), learn how to please a sex partner, learn how to navigate sexual situations or explore sexual activities that may be considered taboo by some. Some say that there may be a downside to virtual porn such as leading to unrealistic expectations about sex, and the dehumanization of men and women.

VR headsets are also used by law enforcement to learn how to identify sex trafficking situations by having them be an avatar of a victim in a situation similar to what a trafficked person may experience,2 and by therapists to assist with sexual obstacles.

Virtual sex technology also includes sex toys that can sync and vibrate with the action on the VR screen, or be controlled through electronic devices like a smartphone so that partners can virtually pleasure one another remotely (See related Topics: Cybersex, Electro-Sex, Sex Robots, Sex Toys, Teledildonics and Webcam Sex Workers (Cam Girls)).

The sourced articles below provide more information on Virtual Reality (VR) sex.

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  3. How Virtual Reality Is Changing the World Of Online Dating

    “As shown in Virtually Dating [an entertainment show], a VR date can happen everywhere. Have you ever thought that you could bring your crush on a sunny beach in December, or in an exotic location that is a whole ocean away from your home? Well, VR can do this—even if it just happens in a virtual world.”

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  4. Bad Girls Bible Podcast … VR, Teledildonics And Deepfakes With Dr. Holly Richmond

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  5. Children’s Brain Cells Changed By Internet Porn: Neurosurgeon

    “Porn is destroying the ability to feel emotion. And the push for teen girls to allow boys to perform painful anal sex on them was described as coercion in a recent study of a British medical journal. … And virtual-reality porn films are arriving with fantastic new technology used for simulators. It’s quite expensive but a lot of porn producers are really investing in this right now.”

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