Teledildonics (Cyberdildonics)

Teledildonics refers to interactive sex toys that can be controlled remotely over the internet or through Bluetooth and apps. The technology allows someone to control the vibrations of a sex toy held by someone who is not in the same room or even the same part of the world. They can also be used to interact with webcam sex workers1 (see the Sex Toys and Webcam Sex Workers (Cam Girls) Topics).

Theodor Holm Nelson has been credited for the term dildonics in 1974, and Howard Rheingold for the term teledildonics in 1990.2

For two decades, there was a patent on this technology. An application for a patent was filed in 1998 for “Method and device for interactive virtual control of sexual aids using digital computer networks.” On August 17, 2018, US Patent No. 6,368,268 expired. This has opened up the market for inventors and manufacturers of internet-controlled sex toys.3

Since these sex toys are hooked up to the internet, teledildonic technology is also prone to hacking or “screwdriving.” This term has been credited to Alex Lomas, of cybersecurity firm Pen Test Partner, and it means that these sex toys can be activated without the user’s consent and privacy can be violated by someone with knowledge of gaining access to unsecure (and sometimes secure) Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections.4

Some companies that manufacture these interactive sex toys say they have noticed an increase in interest since the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic of 2020 has required people in some parts of the globe to practice social distancing.5

The sourced articles below should provide more information on teledildonics and ways to be intimate from a distance.

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