– Coronavirus Sex & the UK Lockdown

The U.S. Sun May 2020 online poll of 2,000 people surveyed by OnePoll for The Sun  

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Statistics from “SEX & THE SETTEE Ultimate lockdown sex survey reveals 59% of you have done it in the lounge and nearly HALF have used sex toys” by Kate Jackson and Georgette Culley, the-sun.com, May 20, 2020. “2,000 people surveyed by OnePoll for The Sun.”

Other notes from the article: “Nearly one in six of those polled say their love making has become more adventurous since we were told to stay home on March 23.

Of those, 47 per cent report using sex toys, while 45 per cent have been acting out role play.

Online searches for couples’ sex toys have rocketed by 900 per cent, according to leading provider Ann Summers.”

Chart created and posted by SexEd.net November 2020