Voyeurism & Exhibitionism

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A voyeur is someone who likes to watch people undress, undressed or having sex, and an exhibitionist likes to be watched while doing those same three things.

If either is done without someone’s consent, then, like any action against someone’s will or knowledge, it is probably illegal.

With someone’s full consent, there is no crime in the kinky desire to watch someone have sex or having sex knowing people are watching. There are clubs and other places where people gather to watch people having sex or to be watched, and according to fabswingers.com the UK has a term called “dogging” for inviting people to watch them have sex in public. Public sex, even if consensual, may not be legal, so always check with the laws of the area.

The sourced articles below provide more information on voyeurism and exhibitionism, which can be complementary kinks.

  1. These Are The Top 5 Kinks In The US

    “The three most common taboo fantasies are, in order of most popular, voyeurism, or the desire to watch other people undress or have sex without their knowledge or consent, fetish objects, aka ‘objects that one relies on for feelings of sexual arousal,’ and exhibitionism: having sex while others watch, and/or exposing one’s genitals without the consent of the onlookers. It should be noted that two of those three (voyeurism and non-consensual exhibitionism) are illegal, which makes them even more taboo.”

    Anna Pulley, vice.com, 8/31/2018

  2. 7 Kinks And Fetishes That Are More Popular Than You Think

    “Voyeurism and exhibitionism: There’s a reason that ‘dogging’ is so popular in Britain. Some people like to watch others have sex — and some people like to be watched. And of course, some people like both. This fetish can manifest in more vanilla or kinkier ways. It might be that you just watch your partner masturbate or vice versa, maybe you experiment with sex in public places, or maybe group sex helps scratch that itch. You can start with more vanilla versions and work your way up to find where your boundary is.”

    Lea Rose Emery, bellesa.co, 7/3/2018

  3. What Is Dogging? A Noob’s Guide To Mutual Voyeurism & Exhibitionism

    “Dogging is essentially a couple deliberately having sex in public *or semi-public* spaces in view of others who watch and enjoy the show and possibly masturbate to it. It’s like porn with the exception you watch it live. From this you may ask what’s the difference between dogging and your average exhibitionist couple.
    Compared to exhibitionism, dogging is more organized and the couple performing the act sends an invitation for “watchers” to come see them have sex. In short, it is a mutually-beneficial activity for those with voyeuristic and exhibitionist fetishes.”

    Paul Timothy Mangay, lovepanky.com, 2/2/2018

  4. The Complete List Of 203 Sexual Fetishes And Kinks

    “Voyeurism: a kink for watching someone else while naked or engaged in sexual activity. Voyeurs and exhibitionists make excellent pairings. Non-consensual voyeurism may be against the law.”

    Adriana, badgirlsbible.com, 7/31/2017

  5. 7 Reasons Why Trying This In Bed Will Save Your Relationship

    “Now that we know why women are into voyeurism, here are some ways women can benefit from watching their significant other with someone else: …
    [1.] The love for their husband is strengthened. …
    [2.] It releases sexual tension. …
    [3.] It brings a peace of mind. …
    [4.] He considered sexual health to be of the utmost importance. …
    [5.] Women don’t need to hide their sexual desires and preferences. …
    [6.] Swinging becomes a great option. …
    [7.] Your marriage is at stake. …”

    Mike Hatcher, yourtango.com, 3/29/2017

  6. Tips For Voyeurism With Consent

    “Sex clubs are great places to explore your voyeuristic curiosity. They are very open and nonjudgmental, often filled with exhibitionists who want nothing more than to perform for you. Just be sure to seek out the right fit.”

    Tia, kinklovers.com, 1/5/2017

  7. Here’s How Common ‘Abnormal’ Sexual Fetishes Actually Are

    “Breaking the top two fetishes down by gender, the story takes an interesting turn: Many more men (50%) than women (21%) had actually engaged in voyeurism. … The numbers even out when we approach our third-place kink, however: About a third of both sexes said that they’d engaged in what the study calls'”extended exhibitionism’ — that is, having sex in a place where you risk getting caught.”

    Sarah Kramer, businessinsider.com, 3/22/2016

  8. 4 Common Sexual Fantasies, And How To Safely Explore Them

    “A recent study conducted by [Dr. Ava] Cadell, called the Loveology Sexual Compatibility Survey, which gathered data from over a thousand participants, found that popular fantasies include sexual massage, oral sex, threesomes, outdoor sex, sex with a stranger, domination/submissive play, exhibitionism, voyeurism, and sex tapes.”

    Claire Hannum, self.com, 3/19/2016

  9. Turns Out Being Kinky Is Really, Really Common

    “And what are the most common kinks? In third place is coupled exhibitionism, with 30.6% of people apparently fantasizing about getting busy in public. … And finally, topping the charts as the most popular kink is voyeurism, with 46.3% of people reporting fantasizing about it, and 34.5% saying they’ve already gotten off from spying on people in their most intimate moments.”

    Zeynep Yenisey, maxim.com, 3/8/2016

  10. Voyeurism: What It Is And What It Isn’t (broken link)

    “Despite the fact that voyeurs do not want to be the one being video taped or looked at on a webcam, voyeuristic behavior and exhibitionistic behavior (which also involves an unwanted intrusion with an unsuspecting victim) can sometimes be found in the same addict.”

    Linda Hatch, PhD, psychcentral.com, 8/31/2014