SexEd Stats/Charts Policies

At the Top of the Chart Page

– Headline


Same as on the chart.


Connecting Chart to Topics

Example: (For more information, see the Topics Gay MenHIV & AIDSSTD)



The Chart 

The chart is a JPEG of the screenshot of the Chart in the PDF.

Before the screenshot is created, the the 1. 2. 3. points are highlighted. Subpoints are a. b. c. and they are not highlighted.

Bar colors: “Colors for each bar within a numbered section of the chart are the same and alternate Blue/Orange between the numbered sections.”


Chart Title

Heading: A short summary of the study. Year added from study if it is pertinent to the study. For example, Trends for 2020. Since the year is important, it is added to the headline.

Subhead: The headline should have the following elements

  • Short summary of the study/poll/survey
  • Year of study/poll/survey or year study/poll/survey was published
  • Who commissioned the study – or where it was published 
  • Number of participants/respondents
  • Breakdown of Gender – if there is no breakdown, add (no gender/sex specified) 
  • Breakdown of other stats like sexual orientation


Under the Chart

Source is added with a link in the URL where the study/poll/survey was found online.

Methodology added and any other information useful to the chart from the source.


At the End of the Page

Note added when the chart was published by SexEd

Example: Chart created and posted by November 2020


Connecting Charts to Topics Pages (see image as example)

The charts are placed above the Introduction to the Topic and separated by asterisks * * * 

Header is bold and Italicized. Both the Header/Subhead are Italicized and linked to Chart.

The image is linked to chart.

*Charts with stats on TOPIC (click on images)

*Chart with stats on TOPIC (click on image)