– India – Millennials & Sex – 2018

Video content platform Vitamin Stree October 2018 online survey among 2,500 individuals (no gender/sex specified) (235 bisexual / 66 gay)

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Stats from “Survey Reveals 46% of Urban Millennials Learn About Sex Before 13,” thequint.com, Feb. 13, 2019.

“A recent sex survey by video content platform, Vitamin Stree, has revealed that though 46 percent of urban millennials in India learn about sex at the age of 13, a majority admitted to having had unprotected sex. The online survey was conducted in October 2018 among 2,500 individuals, out of which 235 identified themselves as bisexual and 66 identified themselves as homosexuals.”

Vitamin Stree: “A women-centric content platform focused on reshaping the narrative for young women in India.”

Chart created and posted by SexEd.net December 2020