Sexless Relationships

For some, a marriage or long term relationship without sex can be temporary, caused by everyday stresses, new babies or incompatible schedules, and for others it’s a mutual decision. Sometimes sex declines as the relationship ages, but not every aging relationship becomes sexless.

The sourced articles below should provide you more information on a relationship that does not include sex, or much sex, the potential implications for the couple, and the possible solutions for those who want to end a dry spell in a sexless relationship.

  1. Sexless Marriage? Got Kids? Why Not Try A Parenting Marriage

    “Even if just a few of these descriptors apply to you, you may be a good candidate to try this new alternative: the Parenting Marriage. For those of you who don’t know, a parenting marriage is one in which you and your spouse decide (or, in some cases, accept) that the romantic aspect of your relationship is over. However, because you are parents, you agree that putting the needs of the children first and foremost is paramount.”

    Susan Pease Gadoua, LCSW,, 2/24/2019

  2. When The Cause Of A Sexless Relationship Is — Surprise! — The Man

    “Of course, libido ebbs and flows, and there will be times when one partner is temporarily uninterested.”

    Jen Gunter,, 3/10/2018

  3. Why Sexless Marriages Happen And 1 Way To Prevent Them

    “Something like 15 percent or more of American marriages are sexless.”

    Dr. Stephen Snyder,, 3/9/2018

  4. 7 Sex Therapists On How To Fix A Sexless Marriage

    “But what happens if one finds themself in a sexless marriage? That is, what if getting busy has become a non-starter? Such a scenario is more common than many think and is often a sign of deeper relationship issues.”

    Carrie Weisman,, 3/9/2018

  5. What No Sex In A Relationship Really Means For You And Your Partner

    “If you’re really lucky, the sex can last that way well into a long-term committed relationship, and you’ll live happily sexually ever after. That said, sometimes, coupled-up sex starts to dwindle over time — and it’s totally normal.”

    Anjali Sareen Nowakowski,, 7/12/2017

  6. ‘I Don’t Think We’ll Ever Have Sex Again’: Our Happy, Cuddly, Celibate Marriage

    “Threesomes, sex with props and role play, open marriages, indeed, hating your partner, all are discussed more readily than what is perhaps the last taboo in a marriage: no sex at all.”

    Joan McFadden,, 4/15/2017

  7. 8 Times Being In A Sexless Marriage Is Totally Normal

    “If things are more than a little quiet in the bedroom – apart from his snoring, that is – it’s easy to worry that your relationship is in trouble.”

    Naomi Chrisoulakis,, 10/26/2015