Older Women & Younger Men

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There are many relationships in which the woman is older, or much older than the man. The age differences can be just a few years to 10 to 20 years or more.

One term for such differences is “Cougar,” a slang term generally for women over 30 who date men 10 years younger. Conversely there are men who seek older women for various reasons such as maturity, changing gender roles, and sexual compatibility.

The stigma of an older woman with a man who is younger is starting to fade. There are many high-profile May-December (a relationship in which one person is much older than the other)1 marriages and romances, and men seeking relationships with older women specifically.

The sourced articles below should provide more information on the subject of older women dating men younger than themselves, and men who seek out relationships with older women.

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  1. Why Do Some Women Prefer Sleeping With Younger Men?

    “Dr. Milaine Alarie, at the Institut National de la Research Scientifique in Montreal Canada, interviewed 55 women aged 30 to 60 who reported having relationships with younger men (termed ‘age-hypogamous intimate relationships’). In order to be eligible for this study, women had to be in a relationship with a man at least 5 years younger than herself. There was no criterion related to length of relationship. In that sense women reported on their experience of dating as well as casually sleeping with partners. …
    [1.] Women Were Attracted to Younger Men’s Sexual Stamina …
    [2.] Women Felt More Comfortable Embracing Their Sexual Assertiveness …
    [3.] Women Felt Able to Place Greater Importance on Their Own Sexual Pleasure …”

    Sarah Hunter Murray, PhD, psychologytoday.com, 3/19/2019

  2. Older Women, Younger Men

    “Although older men dating younger women has long been socially acceptable (or at least commonplace in many cities), older women are now dating younger men in record numbers. It may be a trend on the upswing…”

    Beth Witrogen McLeod, consumer.healthday.com, updated 1/20/2018; (Broken link removed 4/2024)

  3. 14 Famous Women Who Dated Younger Men

    “Hollywood is full of double standards, but recently we’re seeing a backlash from famous women who shun the derogatory ‘cougar’ label to proudly show the world that they’re dating younger men.”

    Natasha Rigler and Abbi Malbon, cosmopolitan.com, 11/3/2017

  4. Macron Isn’t The Only One — Experts Say They’re Seeing More Men Date Older Women

    “Not only is the stigma fading from such relationships, but new opportunities for women are creating an entirely new kind of relationship, Erika Boissiere, a couples and marriage licensed therapist in San Francisco, told Fox News.”

    Stephanie Buck, foxnews.com, 6/5/2017

  5. Younger Men, Older Women: A Pairing Becomes More Common

    “As unconventional as the [Emmanuel and Brigitte] Macrons’ marriage may seem, the pairing of an older woman with a significantly younger man is not a new one (recall Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher or Madonna and Brahim Zaibat), nor is it that uncommon.”

    Valeriya Safronova, nytimes.com, 5/5/2017

  6. Why Successful Women Gravitate Toward Younger Men

    “The emotionally rewarding experience of dating a younger man”

    Suzanne Lachmann PsyD, psychologytoday.com, 3/4/2017

  7. The Case For Men Marrying An Older Woman

    “But there are reasons men should consider older women as a potential marriage partner. I will admit I’m biased: My wife is five years older than I am and we’ve been contentedly married for almost 40 years now.”

    Marty Nemko PhD, psychologytoday.com, 6/22/2016

  8. Men Confess: 22 Reasons Why Younger Guys Fall For Older Women

    “You’ll be surprised at what men find appealing about older women.”

    Felicia Brings and Susan Winter, today.com, 2/23/2016