Male Orgasms

The sourced articles below should provide you more information on orgasms for men.

  1. The No Hands Orgasm

    “Orgasms originate in the base of your spine and you can actually breathe yourself into an orgasm with all your clothes on and without touching yourself! Yes, I am talking about you. You ARE capable of this, once you learn how. I will teach you how to achieve a ‘no hands’ orgasm. But first I want to share with you how and why your sexuality informs your creativity. Because when your sexual chakras are fully activated, you are your most alive and your creativity blooms!”

    Veronica Monet, ACS,, 4/2020

  2. 50 Interesting Sex Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

    “Men can orgasm without ejaculating … Surprise! Orgasm and ejaculation are two distinct physiological responses in men. ‘While ejaculation generally does coincide with an orgasm, the two actually occur in rapid succession with orgasm coming slightly before ejaculation and tapering off during ejaculation,’ says Xanet Pailet, sex educator and author of Living an Orgasmic Life. ‘Men can learn to differentiate between the two and to have orgasms without ejaculating.'”

    Charlotte Hilton Andersen,, 1/18/2019

  3. Male Multiple Orgasms: The Science & Technique!

    “How to Have Multiple Male Orgasms in 7 Steps …
    [1.] The first step when exploring multiple orgasms (and almost any sexual experience) involves getting to know your pelvic floor. …
    [2.] Once you’ve learned to tone and recognize your pelvic floor muscles, you can put them to work during sex. …
    [3.] Experiment with sex play that focuses on other parts of your body …
    [4.] Right before orgasm, squeeze your PC muscle while pressing firmly into your perineum (just behind your balls) …
    [5.] Wear a vibrating cock ring. …
    [6.] You may also want to experiment with basic edging to see if it results in multiple/dry orgasms. …
    [7.] Your breath is essential to orgasm, so practice controlled, deep breathing. …
    Remember that sex is about quality, not quantity, so don’t worry about counting your orgasms.”

    Dr. Jess O’Reilly, PhD,, 9/27/2018

  4. Okay, But What Is A Dry Orgasm?

    “‘However there are a lot of reasons why men might experience dry orgasms,’ Lehmiller explains. ‘For example, among men who report experiences with multiple orgasms (i.e., when they have several orgasms in a short period of time), the quantity of semen released tends to decrease with each orgasm to the point where little or no semen may be released upon later orgasms.’ He adds that some men may experience what’s known as retrograde ejaculation, where their semen is ‘pushed into the bladder instead of being expelled from the body’ when they orgasm. While some medications can cause retrograde ejaculation, an enlarged prostate or diabetes could also be the culprit.”

    Jeremy Glass,, 5/30/2018

  5. Sex After Vasectomy: Getting Snip Leads To Better Orgasms, Scientists Discover

    “The research from Germany found that men often have more sex, experience better erections and orgasms, and have generally higher sex drives following the procedure.”

    Dana Dovey,, 11/21/2017

  6. Who Orgasms Most And Least, And Why

    “More and more studies are shedding light on the ‘orgasm gap,’ which refers to how men orgasm during sex more frequently than women. But why does this gender gap exist, and what can be done to achieve orgasm equality?”

    Jacqueline Howard,, 3/10/2017

  7. Orgasms Used As Sexual Currency, Research Shows

    “The research into sexual pleasure and orgasms also examines why women orgasm less consistently than men and asks if orgasms are one of nature’s ways of ensuring reproductive success.”

    University of Portsmouth,, 12/13/2016

  8. What Is A Dry Orgasm: ‘Fluidless’ Male Orgasms Linked To Infertility, Too Much Masturbation

    “Dry orgasm’s occur most often in younger men because they tend to recover more quickly following an orgasm, something that’s known as a refractory period. This enhances their ability to achieve multiple orgasms, and some may even climax up to five times in a row. However, the more a teen orgasms, whether from having sex or through excessive masturbation, the lower their ejaculate volume will be — they’re using it all up, after all. Still, the volume ‘generally rebuilds quickly,’ sometimes within a day, Dr. Nicole Prause, a sexual psychophysiologist, told Medical Daily . She stressed dry orgasms weren’t harmful to the adolescent boy’s body.”

    Lizette Borreli,, 1/12/2016

  9. Study: Oxytocin (‘The Love Hormone’) Makes Men In Relationships Want To Stay Away From Other Women

    “Oxytocin — a hormone released by the pituitary gland (notably during both orgasm and childbirth) — is known to affect our behavior. … Researchers in Germany suspected that a dose of the so-called ‘love hormone’ during a flirtatious encounter with a sexy stranger might cause us to draw in closer, perhaps going so far as to spark a dangerous liaison.”

    Lindsay Abrams,, 11/16/2012

  10. Men Fake Orgasms, Too

    “Men faking orgasm? Unheard of! Well, no, not exactly.”

    Michael Castleman MA,, 2/14/2012