Charts – Sex Crimes

1. 2020 #MeToo Movement Survey: 2020 #MeToo movement survey of 1,023 employed (full time/part-time) U.S. adults (no gender/sex specified) conducted online by The Harris Poll on behalf of CareerArc published March 2020

2. Stat #8 (of 10) from this study is the only section on Sex Crimes Against Others: China – University Students & Sex: A China Family Planning Association, Tsinghua University’s Research Center for Public Health, & China Youth Network survey of 54,580 students from 1,764 universities in China published on May 2020

3. Sexual Victimization Reported By Youth In Juvenile Facilities: A Bureau of Justice Statistics ( December 2019 report based on 6,049 interviews of youth in 2018 and 8,707 interviews of youth in 2012