Reader Opinions Wanted

Thank you for clicking on this page and considering helping us understand the strengths and weaknesses of this website. contains over 1,200 third-party sourced responses to over 130 topics on sex, from Abstinence to Masturbation to What Is Sex. We think it is important to give people comprehensive information on sex as it is hard to define real data given personal, religious and cultural biases.

The creator of is exploring making a book from most of the information on the site.

To explore that idea, w
e are looking for a few people to spend at least 45 minutes on the site and fill out a 13-point questionnaire about what they see as the pros and cons of the information on the site and their thoughts of creating a book from the information.

Within five days of receiving back a filled out questionnaire, we will pay $35 and send a thank you note for helping define the usefulness of a book.

For the questionnaire Click Here, or any other questions send an email to [email protected]