– Anal Play: 7 Questions

A Good Vibrations poll of 194 respondents worldwide published September 2018 on goodvibesblog.com

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“Butt Stuff: Good Vibrations Pleasure Poll Results Are In!,” goodvibesblog.com, Sept. 28, 2018.

Poll of 194 respondents by Good Vibrations published Sept. 28, 2018, on goodvibesblog.com.

Their Methodology: “A little under half of our respondents were between 35 and 54 years of age. Close to 20% were younger, while not quite a third were older. 63 women, 111 men, and 11 people who identified in some other way (trans, nonbinary, agender, and “F+” participated in the poll, plus nine people who specified no gender identity/did not answer. When we asked our respondents where they came from, we got the message that anal play is truly an international pastime: eight did not tell us their country of residence, but people from Angola, Belarus, Japan, Mexico, and Thailand participated, plus two from Canada. (Do they know each other? We hope they’re enjoying themselves!) The USA participated most heavily, no surprise, with 178.”

Numbers rounded.

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