This site is a public service, offering straightforward information on sex and related topics.

-The topics include opinions of what sex is and isn’t (from kissing to intercourse), the continuum of sexual harassment and abuse (from rape to being an overly aggressive flirt), the general sex drives of men and women and possible biological reasons for their differences, the medical effects of sex versus sex or no sex on our minds and bodies, information about sex workers, views of sex and sexuality through the filter of the old debate, nature versus nurture and how the aforementioned topics and issues can differ with gender, age, individual preferences and needs.

-SexEd.net has something for almost everybody – the young, middle-aged and the elderly; people who have never had sex, are curious or scared of it sex, or never want to have sex; and people who are sexually active with one or more partners or even with a robot. This website can also be used by people who think they know a lot about sex!

-SexEd.net was conceived and began by Steven C. Markoff in January of 2018. Mr. Markoff was born in Los Angeles in 1943. He graduated from Los Angeles City College in 1964 with an Associate in Arts degree. Since that time, Mr. Markoff has been a successful entrepreneur, having nurtured an interest in business since he was six and business law since his teens. In 1979, he became a board member of the ACLU Foundation of Southern California. That association led him to establish the A-Mark Foundation (www.amarkfoundation.org) in 1997 and ProCon.org in 2004 (www.procon.org).

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