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PRESS RELEASE August, 24, 2022 (click here) “SexEd.net Provides A Free Public Service With Straightforward Information on Sex and Related Topics”

Sex and sex-related issues are important to nearly everybody. However, many go through life, from their early years to later life, not knowing many things about sex and sex-related topics that might be important for their enjoyment, health and well-being.

Many are afraid or embarrassed to ask about such questions for many reasons. Those reasons include having parents, schools and/or religious leaders who may be uncomfortable talking about sex and sex-related topics or who may not be knowledgeable about such subjects.

In addition, some parents believe sexual issues should not be taught in school, which puts pressure on schools to keep any talk of these issues light to distance themselves from direct talk about sex, while other parents expect their children to be educated about sex in school, in part because they are uncomfortable to talk about it.

Then there are young people who have parents or others in their lives who talk openly, directly and without judgment about sex and related issues.

This website attempts to bring many issues about sex and related topics into what one could say is one-stop shopping (excerpts from sources in Topics are in date order, newest first).

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