1. What This Site Is and Isn’t:

A. This site only posts curated articles and other resources that are meant as guides to the topics. They are written by people with varying degrees of knowledge, education and expertise.

B. Each article or resource is chosen based on what seems to be reasonable information on each topic, but the information in the articles and resources is not fact-checked. Therefore, any quote or resource in this work could be incorrect, misleading, out of date or out of context. It is up to you, the reader, to decide the credibility, correctness, dependability or usefulness of a quote or resource.

C. Importantly, this site does not purport to give any medical or scientific advice. The content of this site and its companion book should not replace or substitute your physician or healthcare provider’s suggestions, advice, diagnosis, medical regiment or treatment.

D. The inclusion of a quote or reference to a quoted source does not mean or imply that the quote’s author or source endorses, approves or even knows of the other quotes and sources on this website.

2. Current Policies, subject to change:

A. All topics will have a minimum of 10 sourced articles before going live.

B. Articles will be posted with the most recent date first.

C. Date of access of web-based definitions will be included.

D. Articles should be focused on each mentioned topic.

E. Sources that require third party payment or registration will be marked in red, and notated as “partially blocked.” Such sources should be no more than 10% of the sources under any topic.

F. Brackets will be used for [numbered or listed items].

G. – dashes (space between dash and item) will be used to separate items not necessarily in a list.

H. Topic names (or variations of the Topic name) will be in bold once in the introduction before the articles.

I. All web addresses lowercase in the Intro and source.

3. Policies/Changes Under Discussion

A. Widening the distance between page listings on the menu bar.

B. Allowing more space between lines on the menu bar.

C. Well known peer reviewed studies

D. Thinking about sex (How often do people think about sex?)

E. Consider adding list of categories to the right of a searchable database

F. 100 question sex quiz

G. Easy suggestion system

H. System and format for current news stories

I. Make sure every category (Abstinence through Wet Dreams) has the exact same header text (Excerpt vs. Excerpts) plus A B C D above each header item

4. Copyright: We respect copyright, and if your protected or copyright material is on this site and you believe it should not be, please contact us.