Bestiality is having sex with animals, not just being aroused by animals. Bestiality is considered a crime in the U.S. and in many other countries since animals cannot give consent, and a person having sex with animals may be an indicator of committing violent crimes such as domestic abuse and child sexual abuse.

The FBI tracks people who have been convicted of animal sexual abuse (bestiality). The FBI considers animal [sex] sexual abuse a crime against society. Acts of that crime may include fondling of an animal’s genitalia; masturbation on or of an animal; and penetration of an animal with a foreign object.

The sourced articles below provide additional information on the talked about but little understood topic.

  1. Animal Sexual Abuse Law And Legal Definition

    “Animal sexual abuse means the sexual molestation of an animal by a human being. Animal sexual abuse may also be refered to as zooerasty, zoophilia, bestiality, or sodomy. Animal sexual abuse mostly involves killing or injuring an animal for sexual gratification. However, there are cases of animal abuse which do not include any physical harm other than sexual violation.”

    Online Resource,, accessed on 4/27/2018

  2. Bestiality: ASPCA Policy And Position Statements

    “The ASPCA is opposed to bestiality, defined as any sexual contact with an animal by a human. The ASPCA believes that any sexual practice or contact between humans and animals for the sexual gratification of any person is animal exploitation, regardless of the human perpetrators’ beliefs or intentions.”

    Online Resource,, accessed on 4/27/2018

  3. Bestiality: Hidden Facts About The Sexual Abuse Of Nonhumans

    “The two words refer to different sorts of human-nonhuman sexual behavior, zoophilia describing ‘a human being who is sexually aroused or inspired by an animal’ and bestiality to ‘the act of a human having sex with a non-human animal. The sexual activities may or may not involve penetration, but they are sexual behaviors done for gratification. … Of course, it may be more difficult to put an end to zoophilia, but putting an end to bestiality should be easier if laws are established to prevent it.”

    Marc Bekoff, PhD,, 2/14/2018

  4. What Is The Difference Between Bestiality And Zoophilia?

    “The easiest way to distinguish bestiality and zoophilia is to say that bestiality is a practice — it’s something people do. Zoophilia is a preference or experience, something people feel. Not everyone who engages in bestiality is a zoophile, and not all people who identify or would be classified as having zoophilia actually have sex with animals. Another important distinction to make is that only having erotic feelings or fantasies involving animals is not against the law, whereas in many places, having sexual relations with a non-human animal is illegal. … Since there is no way of knowing for sure what an animal is thinking or feeling, my position is that it’s not possible to confirm consent and therefore it is not ethical to have sex with non-human animals.”

    Cory Silverberg, M.Ed. is a sexuality educator, author, media contributor and researcher collaborator,, 1/4/2018

  5. U.S. Senate Unanimously Passes Bill To Prohibit Animal Cruelty, Bestiality

    “The U.S. Senate unanimously passed the Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture (PACT) Act, S. 654, earning praise from The Humane Society of the United States and the Humane Society Legislative Fund.”

    Humane Society Legislative Fund,, 12/14/2017

  6. Paraphilic Disorders

    “Paraphilia is any intense (in some preferential) and persistent sexual interest other than sexual interest in genital stimulation or preparatory fondling with phenotypically normal, physically mature, consenting human partners. … Paraphilic disorder exists when recurrent, intense sexually arousing fantasies, sexual urges, or behaviors currently cause distress or impairment to the individual or whose satisfaction has entailed personal harm, or risk of harm, to others generally involving: non-human objects, the suffering or humiliation of oneself or one’s partner, children, or non-consenting persons. While there is an almost infinite variety of sexual interests, the DSM5 identifies eight (exhibitionism, fetishism, frotteurism, pedophilia, sexual masochism, sexual sadism, transvestism, and voyeurism) because these are the most significant clinically. Some others include: … Zoophilia (animals)”

    Brian Lerner, MD and Fred Berlin, MD, PhD,, last updated 9/3/2017

  7. The Link Between Animal Abuse And Murder

    “But [Melinda] Merck isn’t a run-of-the-mill crime-scene investigator. She’s a veterinarian. For more than 20 years, Merck has been studying and solving animal-abuse cases. Now, she’s going a step further by persuading law enforcement that there’s a link between animal cruelty and other serious crimes, like domestic violence, arson, and murder. … She’s currently part of a push to make sexual abuse of animals illegal in Texas, which is one of eight states that doesn’t ban bestiality. The campaign had new life breathed into it earlier this year when a deputy sheriff, Andrew Sustaita Jr., was found to have more than 200 indecent images of children on his personal computer as he was being investigated for allegedly posting a video online of himself having sex with a small dog.”

    Stefanie Marsh,, 8/31/2017

  8. Bestiality: Which Animals Are Most At Risk

    “No reliable statistics exist on how many people engage in bestiality, but recent examples from academia and the news give us some clues”

    Mona Chalabi,, 6/21/2017

  9. Health Risks Of Zoophilia/Bestiality

    “Sexual contact with animals (SCA) is also a major health risk which has not been discussed by the media, animal rights advocates, and lawmakers. The purpose of this commentary is to highlight the major health risks of SCA and raise awareness of health professionals about this issue. Most health professionals are unaware of the risks and burden of zoophilia because it is underreported in the medical literature.”

    Sangeeta Singg, Professor of Psychology, Angelo State University,, 3/25/2017

  10. Table Of State Animal Sexual Assault Laws

    “This table details state laws prohibiting sexual conduct between humans and animals. “

    Rebecca F. Wisch,, 2017

  11. PETA’s Statement On Bestiality

    “Consensual sex is between two human beings who enter into it willingly, and that is never the case when an animal is dominated by a human. Having sex with an animal is raping that animal—something PETA has found in numerous eyewitness exposés of factory farms and slaughterhouses. Animals don’t have a choice, and cruelty to animals is illegal in all 50 states.”

    Online Resource,, 6/21/2016

  12. What Are Paraphilias And How Common Is Zoophilia In Adolescents?

    “Zoophilia is a persistent sexual interest in animals. Bestiality is ‘the legal term for the criminal offense of engaging in sexual relations with an animal or animals.’ Bestiality laws are common because of the harm to animals who obviously cannot provide consent. There is not a great deal of medical professional literature on the subject and overall the practice appears to be rare. … Some limited data has found zoophilia/zoophilic disorder among people who were sexually abused, or are violent or sex offenders.”

    Online Resource,, 6/20/2016

  13. Crush Fetishism And ‘Animal Torture Porn’

    “In the first case, 28-year old Sara Zamora, a woman from Florida (USA) was arrested following her appearance in a zoosadistic fetish video entitled ‘SOS Barn’. According to various newspaper reports, Zamora is seen engaged in various sexual acts while crushing and killing rabbits (including ‘karate’ chopping their legs) and decapitating chickens. According to a report in the Miami Herald Newspaper the video was made purely for the ‘sexual gratification of its viewers’.”

    Mark D. Griffiths PhD,, 5/25/2016

  14. Bestiality Ban Is ‘Legitimate,’ German Court Rules

    “A legal bid to overturn a law banning sex with animals was thrown out by Germany’s constitutional court on Thursday. The case was launched by a man and woman who ‘feel sexually attracted to animals,’ officials said. However, the court ruled that the bestiality ban did not violate the individuals’ ‘right to sexual self-determination.’ ‘The protection of the well-being of animals by guarding from unnatural sexual assaults is a legitimate goal,’ the court said in its statement explaining the ruling.”

    Andy Eckardt,, 2/18/2016

  15. Why Would Anyone Want To Have Sex With An Animal?

    “Alfred Kinsey shocked the US back in the 1950s when his infamous ‘Kinsey Reports’ claimed that 8% of males and 4% females had at least one sexual experience with an animal.”

    Mark Griffiths,, 2/2/2016

  16. “Tracking Animal Cruelty: FBI Collecting Data On Crimes Against Animals”

    “On January 1, the Bureau’s National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS) began collecting detailed data from participating law enforcement agencies on acts of animal cruelty, including gross neglect, torture, organized abuse, and sexual abuse. … ‘Some studies say that cruelty to animals is a precursor to larger crime,’ said Nelson Ferry, who works in the Bureau’s Criminal Statistics Management Unit, which manages NIBRS. ‘That’s one of the items that we’re looking at.'”

    Online Resource,, 2/1/2016

  17. Animal Urges: Women And Bestiality

    “When I started this research my goal was simple: to talk to a woman who has had sex with an animal for either pay or pleasure. … Defeated and without a subject, I turned my focus to those who fucked animals for pleasure, not pay, and dove deep into Beast Forum, the biggest international zoophilia chatroom going.”

    Mish Barber Way,, 8/7/2015

  18. What It’s Like To Date A Horse

    “In 2002 the sex therapist Hani Miletski published Understanding Bestiality and Zoophilia, a book based on her study of almost 100 zoophiles — research that led her to conclude that many form deep, loving, and very nurturing relationships with their animal partners. While it’s certainly not a homogeneous community, many ‘zoos’ (as they are known to self-identify) are monogamous and live with their animals as if they were human partners.”

    Alexa Tsoulis-Reay,, 11/20/2014