1. • Sex Sounds

There are many sex sounds, and they may be considered sexy, embarrassing, motivating or a sign to stop depending on the person or situation. Some scientists refer to these sounds made during sexual activity as “copulatory vocalization.”
Sex sounds during consensual sexual activity may include moaning, heavy breathing, screaming, dirty talk, purring, creaking bed springs, the sound of flesh slapping together, crying, laughing, squishy wet sounds, or “queefing,” air expelling from the vagina as a result of the in and out movement of a penis, finger or sex toy. Sex sounds from movies and pornos are often faked to create an ambiance that may lead to unrealistic expectations in real life.
Some may find sounds like moaning sexy and stimulating, except when they’re faked. Some make noises to show their pleasure, and some fake noises to bring their partner to climax and end sexual activity because they’re bored or in pain. Some find that it’s not in their nature to make noises during sexual activity, and some think they are doing something wrong if their partner is silent during sex.
Having a discussion about these noises made during sexual activity may also be considered among the many sounds of sex.
The sourced articles below should provide you more information on sounds and noises during sexual activity.

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